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Stretching his hand up to reach the stars, too often man forgets the flowers at his feet.

(Jeremy Bentham)



Above the roofs of Tbilisi / Georgia…   …a sort of homecoming.

Tengiz Rzgo, wrestler, georgian champion, member of the national georgian wrestler squad, georgian coach, coach for the russian wrestling team…  …businessman …

…on his way back to the place he grew up. In the hills of Tblissi.



Although we already knew each other by blogging, Andrea (JETAMELE), Heidi (NAHAUFNAHME) and Markus (KUHNOGRAPH) wanted to find out what is behind the silhouettes of us that we know from our images and comments.

So we met in Bochum.    …and because the city of Bochum offers a lot of ambitioned, talented and nice people..   …we also invited Jan (JUNGE GEDANKEN, author, photographer and model) and Eileen (model, influencer on Instagram) for their home game in this wonderful and lovely town deep in the west.

Like we have this saying here: Big events are casting their shadows !!!



So, what more do you need than sunshine, nice locations and a bunch of wonderful people.

If you got all this ingredients….  …you will get that here, fun all day:



Via Dolorosa or the Stations of the Cross.

It’s the route that many Christians believe was taken by the condemned Jesus as he carried his cross to Calvary. Plaques mark each of the nine ‘stations’ ; the final five stations are inside the…

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Four magnificent arches, their lintels richly decorated with Crusader crosses, herald the entrance to one of Christianity’s most sacred sites. The church is believed by many Christians to be built over the biblical Calvary, or Golgotha, where Jesus was nailed to the cross, died and rose from the dead. For the past 16 centuries pilgrims have travelled far to worship here.

(source: lonelyplanet)