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BASTILLE DAY, the national day of France, 14th of July

I had the pleasure to join the 14th of July in Arcachon/France this summer. It was nice to see how glad and full of joy the French people celebrated this day without any fanaticism.

But I’m always wondering, on such national days all over the world, why the military is at the center of interest at those parades. Why not the citizens? A parade of citizens presenting the country’s achievements, mentalities and cultural and culinary peculiarities. All that what made me feel so welcome in France. We had wonderful days. Merci!

Am I proud about my country? Of course….  …in the same way as I criticize the things that go wrong over here, in my country, my town, my street. BUT it was not my choice to born in this country, in this town. The fate just dropped me here…  …and so why not be proud of that what happened somewhere else…  …to enjoy other cultures and mentalities.

In Russia (where I have a residence) people consider me as an European.  …and that is a fact which makes me smile and where I agree with. Yes, I feel like a European..  ..a European who is curious about other continents.