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Andrea and me got the great chance to participate at TANZOMANIA’s final practice for the European Grand Prix in Tallin at Johns dancing school in Tver/Russia. But don’t worry, we didn’t dance…  …we just documented it by our photos.

This European Grand Prix was a great success for TANZOMANIA. Several gold an silver medals. Wow, congrats to you all!!!

But what I admire the most is, with how much enthusiasm and lifeblood John, Olya, Alyona, Losha and Losha convey the spirit of dancing to the children. My deepest respect to you all for create such a precious activity.


Please find Andreas story here at JETAMELE.



A good friend of mine, John, left Georgia more than 20 years ago with nothing then a small backpack in his hand towards Russia. He lived homeless and just his dream on his mind to become a dancer. His first dancing school he founded in an old building in the city of Tver. – Now, almost twenty year later, we went back to that lost place to invite you for a little dance.

This is for you John !!! My biggest respect to your work and to your dream that you made become true !!!

hugs & kisses to Aljona, Olga, Losha & Losha