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I passed by this place at the M10 motorway in Moskshino (Tverskaja Region/Russia) for a hundred times without seen it…  …and after I suddenly caught a glimpse of this spot through the trees in the evening sun, I was fascinated and I needed to now what it is.

THE SHIRE (Auenland) from ‘Lord of the Rings’ was my first thought!  …but no Hobbits around…  …so I dared to sneak around a little bit.

It turned out that this cubbyholes are used as a storage room. Covered all over with soil and overgrown by plants this storages offer a well tempered place for even storing groceries. Smart idea!

The original use in former times for this chambers was for charcoal burning. This is achieved by carbonising wood in a charcoal pile. And now, while I’m standing here, the round and organic shapes of this piles offers a picturesque landscape in this wonderful evening sun…   …but still no Hobbits 😀 😀  …wait.. (and now for the most used questions in horror movies)  ..what’s that noise?..  🙂