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On 23rd of September we celebrated the grand opening of my photo exhibition HORIZONS in Tver / Russia. Supported by Andrea (JETAMELE) we try to treat 12 different kinds of categories of horizons that we encounter in our daily life like e.g. geographic, social, cultural, technical, religious, professional or emotional horizons and more.

18 of the 36 images were printed on 6mm aryl glass with the sizes of 60×40, 80×60, 120×80 and 180×120. The 17 print on photo paper with a 8cm passe-partout and a simple back frame were produced with he sizes of 80×60 and 120×34. One print appeared on canvas (120×40) in b/w.

The whole project was a great pleasure full of experience, fun and exchange with other people. It was great to share all that together with Andrea.

Thank you ANTHROPOLOGY and all the other helping hands for the great job you did.

My beloved Victoria…   …that was priceless!!! Thank you for everything !!!

H O R I Z O N S….          …recognize, approach, exceed

“Everyone who crosses a horizon makes the world a bit bigger for us … … more diverse, more hopeful, more open … … and the longing grows within us to cross horizons as well!”


Find here some examples of the prints:



Please see as well Andreas post and her great work on that exhibition.



(photos by Vova Brutto, Oleg Metlin, Peggy Lohse, Andrea Friederichs-Du Maire and Markus Mehring)