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The nine y/o Rita and me didn’t met before…    ….but after 30 seconds we knew that we both will have a lot of fun to do that photo shooting.

Happy birthday to you. All the best for you and stay as nice, open, curious, lively, positive, sensitive and stunning as you are !!!

…and, YES, of course you become an actress. 🙂 🙂 🙂



Frankly spoken…  …clubbing and Markus usually do not go hand in hand…  …except there is a reason. A very good reason. 🙂

KRISTINA is a good friend of us since years and we enjoyed this night at the CITI club a lot! Dancing, photographing and a lot of champagne. That was fun.

She is a wonderful and charming person with a very good heart. I guess that is attracting attention. You have to meet her. A few weeks ago on our flight to Moscow she has been addressed by everyone…  …and everybody was wondering about my role in our ‘relationship’. So my role switched in just two hours between “..your husband”, “..your father”, “..your boyfriend” to “..your friend”…  …and that is a role which I can except with pleasure.  😉