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Khatuna / ხათუნა, or Khatya like we call her, has the meaning ‘lady’ (in persian).

I think I remember that Khatya told us that the georgian meaning is something like ‘fate’….

….however it is…   …I know that this wonderful lady and her partner (our friend Bonya) will take fate in their own hand!  … and they will be succeed in all respects.


Hey, you both…   …long may you run…  …and stay forever young.


please see here at JETAMELE how Andrea has seen Khatya.




…it all started with a river.

A river called Elbe, where a single photo of that river made its way downstream to become a wonderful blog…  …feeded by inspiration, longing and the desire to communicate in an unknown language…  …feeded by the influx of many other tributaries… it grew to ‘Every Day My Life’.. JEden TAg MEin LEben..  ..JETAMELE

Andrea, I adore your work, especially you portrait series. It gives me inspiration, new perspectives and the comforting belief that there is someone out there, who sees more and deeper than what our eyes just perceive.

That is a precious gift.

Thank you for sharing that.


Wenn ihr im Raum Hamburg wohnt und individuelle, natürliche Porträts von euch oder euren Lieben haben möchtet, fragt Andrea. Die kann das!

please see Andreas homepage




I asked people I met in public…  …on the street, in bars, hotels, restaurants…  …if I could take a potrait of them. Most of those short encounters were just for few seconds. One even ended in a really nice long chat.

There is this question of ‘How good you should know a person to do an authentic portrait?’  …and I asked myself ‘…and what will happen if you do a protrait of someone that you absolutely do not know?’ Will he/she put up a face the he/she want to show to the world?  …I will never know. But what I mean to see is, that there is something really personal in their features which raise the thrilling question of who these people could be like.


Stretching his hand up to reach the stars, too often man forgets the flowers at his feet.

(Jeremy Bentham)



This is Kristina from Moscow. Smart, intelligent and charming. A really nice person. Purser at AEROFLOT airlines.