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Silent moments and work go usually not hand in hand. But besides all the hustle and bustle in our working life, there are some moments of silence.

Moments where you forget the world around you. Where you just enjoy, reflect and fill up yourself with inspiration and energy. Those moments are precious. A gift. ..and the strangest thing is, they are suddenly just there.

Those are a few of my silent moments at work:


We use to call that time between christmas and new year “between the years”. I do love this term. Because it seems that that you got some extra time beyond the usually counting of time.


A time where you can reflect, review. Think about this great moments, all the shit that happend…  …and all the diamonts you found in the everyday life.


So, earth keeps on turning around…  …a new year will start…  …let’s rock it!


god bless you..  ..and may we find all the new diamonts in our everyday life.


photos by: Kuhnograf, Lena Fomina, Khatya, Victoria, Irina Voronzova, Andrea (JETAMELE) and me.


Watching the photos is best with that music (click)