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“The way is the target!”  ..like always!

I love it… …dreaming, planing, fighting, realizing, photographing, motivating, being angry, being happy, feeling doubt, changing things, doing things together…  …all that what happened to fulfill the mission.

Early December I had to change the complete concept to start already everything new. ..and it turned out to be good. Even better than the first idea. Like Victoria always says: “everything that happened, happened for the better”. But even we would have to cancel everything..  …the way to that point had so many amazing moments and wonderful encounters.

Thank to all helping hands, all motivation, all criticisms and all joy we had….  ..and yes of course, thanks for the after party! 🙂 😀


..hey, and what do we guys start next?!!!




…they love  …they suffer …they smile  …they fight

At the 04.01.2020 we opened my photo exhibition at the Sverkov Gallery in Tver/Russia.

Contrary to Gogols ‘Dead Souls’ I found so many living souls in Russia during my portraits shootings, that I decide to share this in form of an exhibition.

Devided in four categories the photos were spread over halls of these wonderful gallery.

  • GENESIS , from painting to photography: A photgrafically interpretation of works of the painter Alexeij Jogolev
  • CHILDHOOD, the living souls of the kids
  • THE LIFE, a variation of deep emotions

This day was stunning. I’m still deeply moved. So many nice people and chats. I never expected so many emotions shared together that day.

This opening was supported by pianist Jewgenij Sokolowski who interpreted the photography in his unique style live at the grand piano.

My lovely thanks to my wife Victoria, the magic Boutique Anthropologie (especially Anatol), Diana & Evgenij (you both are great), everybody from the Sverkov Gallery, John & Losha, Alexeij, the most beautiful models in the world (Valeria, Kate und Sasha), all the nice people for dancing through the portrait shootings and everybody who made this night unforgettable !

photos by Vova Brutto, Victoria, unknown and me








wow, OMG, that was 2019…  …that fast?

But it was a great year! I won’t miss it!

A lot of stunning photo shoots with wonderful and lovely persons. Preparing a new photo exhibition..  ..and Germany gets a new lovely and wonderful citizen: my beloved Victoria! My congrats to fighting for that for so many years and succeed in the end.

A very special thanks goes out for my russian friends and family. You were there for me whenever I need you and gave me so much love and hope. I love you for that.

The same for my german friends. Let’s rock Russia in 2020! Looking forward to have you there next year.

No complains about this year..  …hhmmm..   ..except our football team could do some better…  ..but as you know:



All of you a merry xmas and a stunning 2020! Rock it!


photos by:  Lena Fomina, Victoria, Denis, Johanna (I love you for doing that football photo of us at the ground, it rocks!) and me.


…and of course Darlene again:

Watching the photos is best with that music (click)


Anton, born in Kaliningrad, lives in Moscow. I don’t know his age. I don’t know his exact profession…  …but that really doesn’t matter. We encounter each other as two persons who are curious and open and we want to try out what happened, when two strangers encounter in a photo shooting.

An excellent time we had. Thank you, Anton for your open and communicative way. See you early January.


Tver / Russia

Thank you, Diana! Wow, that was magical! What a ride..    …and shine on you crazy diamond


Samarkand / Uzbekistan / Central Asia


..some street portraits of these kind and open people of Uzbekistan


“Welcome to my city
Welcome to my town oh
Welcome to my country
So good to have you around oh
Welcome to my people
Welcome to my sound oh
Welcome to my family
So good to have you around oh
Oh so good to have you around oh
Gone be the days when you opened up your mind
To the darkness, the devil and things no man should find
Wooo Look Up, Can you see the light how it’s shining over our head now
Look Up, Can you see the message, the message that it spreads now,
Look Up, Can you see the light how it’s shining over our head now
Oh the light might find you and the
Light might keep you in the distance
And the light can guide you and light can show you what you’re missing
The light might find you and the light might keep you in the distance
And the light can guide you and the light
Can show you what you’re missing right now”
SEAN KOCH (“Welcome to the light”)


Finding Taisija’s and Mamadi’s grave. Part 2

Samarkand / Uzbekistan


After we found the house of Alisher, the cousin who could help us to find the grave of Taisija and Mamadi, we got a warm welcome. Alisher was pretty surprised to see Victoria for the first time in thirty years. (hey, bro, would have you payed your phone bills, you would have known that a few days before, huh?)


He lives with his two (!!!) wifes and three kids in this typically self-supply household. Fruits and vegtables they grow in their garden.. ..and tabac of course. I know this from my mom in law. She spends most time of the the year at her dacha and grow all the groceries she (we) need. A happy and peaceful life. (btw, this peaceful life and all her love to me was put to the test when one day I stood with a bag of tomatoes from the supermarket in the door. But we clarified that..  ..I am refraining from then ....or do not tell her and just hide it).


There was a lot to tell. Sad stories, funny stories…  …and a lot of memories from former times. Many members of that families died already and many new kids where born who meanwhile are already parents. Stories of lifes that took place in different places, in different cultures, with many disappointments and many opportunities.


And then we finish our journey to fulfill our wish and the request we have received, to put flowers on grandma Taisija’s and her husband Mamadi’s grave in Samarkand / Uzbekistan.



Finding Taisija’s and Mamadi’s grave.

Samarkand / Uzbekistan


After WW2 the sister of my wife’s grandma, Taisija, married the Tajik called Mamadi and they moved to Samarkand. Over there they started a good running business by trading flowers and after a few years they became a quite wealthy and respected family. Mamadi died in 1991. Taisija in 2000.


In May Victoria and me spent a wonderful time in Uzbekistan. My mother in law asked us to bring some flowers to their graves, if we have the chance to find it somewhere in Samarkand. So our seach began.


The only thing we knew was the street were they lived and that the cementary suppose to be near that street and that Taisija is the only Russian on that uzbek cementary…  …meant a piece of cake to me. But it wasn’t. Indeed we found that place…  ..but it was huge (#01). Ooops. ..or in other words, we were looking for the needle in a haystack. – ‘Ask, and you will be helped!‘ like this saying means..  ..and we asked. Our pretty good idea was to look for eldery people who may have known them and know where the grave is.


At the mortuary (!) we found a cock fight (..I would appreciate if you click here, but please come back to this story.. ..it’s good! Of course the cock fight story is also good.. ..but this story is more touching.. ..or human..  ..uuhh, you know what I mean..), but none who knew Taisija and Mamadi. But the gentlement on image #04 told us, that there is an other old russian woman living somewhere in this district… …’where?’…  ..’somewhere uphill’..


Honestly, I must say that this helpfullness of these people was terrific and cordial…   …as we will see later in our little story. So we asked around for this russian lady..  ..and we found a family (#07) that showed us where she is living. And we were lucky. She (#08, #09) although did not know where the grave was, but knew where a cousin lives, who could help us. Okay, I have to confess, we knew about this cousin. Even had his mobile number. Even called him (but the mobile was switched of, as we learned later, because he refused to pay his bills). But I didn’t mentioned him at the beginning of this story because my little storytelling-for-dummies-guide says that good to conceal some details to keep the story more thrilling.


Not only that the family that showed us the house of the russian lady, was a really big help to us .. … they even offered us (without being ask) to give us a lift to that place. Wow. Like I said, I love the people over there and I decided if ever an Uzbek will ask my in Germany about his cousins place.. ..sure…   ..I will give him a lift. Promised!


So, we finaly got to that place where we will get help…  …and we knocked the door…


to be continued



…nothing special…  ..just Friday noon in Buchara / Uzbekistan


“For millions of years flowers have been producing thorns. For millions of years sheep have been eating them all the same. And it’s not serious, trying to understand why flowers go to such trouble to produce thorns that are good for nothing? It’s not important, the war between the sheep and the flowers? It’s no more serious and more important than the numbers that fat red gentleman is adding up? Suppose I happen to know a unique flower, one that exists nowhere in the world except on my planet, one that a little sheep can wipe out in a single bite one morning, just like that, without even realizing what he’d doing – that isn’t important? If someone loves a flower of which just one example exists among all the millions and millions of stars, that’s enough to make him happy when he looks at the stars. He tells himself ‘My flower’s up there somewhere…’ But if the sheep eats the flower, then for him it’s as if, suddenly, all the stars went out. And that isn’t important?”
(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince)



I was ask to do a fashion shoot for the new DRYKORN fall/winter collection 2019/20. Yes of course. With pleasure. To enter new territory…  …and the world of posing. But, hey, why these poses seems so familiar for me even here in Russia in ‘real life’…  🙂


Natasha, psychoanalyst, practices in Tver and Moscow/Russia, was always fascinated by portraits where features of a person captured on photos.

…and so we tried…  ..no concept, no rules…  …we just let go…  …and danced…

Natasha, thank you for that dance. 🙂



Yes, I know, it sounds like a cheap excuse…  …but I need photos of nude women for a photo-painting-exhibition of me and my russian painter friend Alexeij.

Thanks to my female co-worker Aleksandra we started and finished the photo shoot very, very spontaneously. For both of us it was the first nude session…  …and it was fun..  ..a lot.

Frankly spoken it was just a test how to work with lights…   …but frankly spoken…  …wow…  …thanks, dear Aleksandra…   ….you look great…  …and yes, let’s do more! 🙂


🙂   …of course they did not stare at me…  …but I kindly asked if I could take a portrait of them….  …and they mostly agreed. I didn’t know these people in person…  …but I know Aleksei Jogolev (#05) and this event was the opening of the exhibition of his paintings in Tver/Russia. Excellent paintings…  …and excellent people.


Do you know what will happen when a photografer and an manifold gifted actress like Lena will collide head-on at full speed ???  …point blank…  …and both love music…





“In high seas or in low seas
I’m gonna be your friend
He said, “I’m gonna be your friend”
And, baby, high tide or in low tide
I’ll be by your side”

(High Tide Or Low Tide, Bob Marley)



We use to call that time between christmas and new year “between the years”. I do love this term. Because it seems that that you got some extra time beyond the usually counting of time.


A time where you can reflect, review. Think about this great moments, all the shit that happend…  …and all the diamonts you found in the everyday life.


So, earth keeps on turning around…  …a new year will start…  …let’s rock it!


god bless you..  ..and may we find all the new diamonts in our everyday life.


photos by: Kuhnograf, Lena Fomina, Khatya, Victoria, Irina Voronzova, Andrea (JETAMELE) and me.


Watching the photos is best with that music (click)


Lena Fomina, actress in Tver/Russia

What would you do if you got the chance to do a photo shoot with an actress? Would you make up a story? Reenact scenes?

Or would you dare to tell the most exciting and intimate story?  –  So we did!



Lena, thank you so much for your smiles and your sadness, for the play and the truth, for the distance and the nearness…  …and of course for just beeing Lena.

Лена, большое спасибо за твои улыбки и твою грусть, за игру и правду, за расстояние и близость … … и, конечно, за то, что ты просто была Леной.


Please see Andreas Lena story at JETAMELE



I love backyards. I love their roughness. Their nativeness.

The silence they want to share with you…  …the stories they want to tell…

…and that very stage they offer you.


“Laying here in the dark
You’re like an angel on my chest

Remember all the movies, Terry
We’d go see
Trying to learn to walk like the heroes
We thought we had to be”

(Backstreets, Bruce Springsteen)




…no, this is not a 80s remix of Kim Wilde songs…  ..this is just for the kids of Cambodia.  🙂


Oyster farming in Cancale / Brittany

From it’s small spat’s size to its harvest, a Cancale oyster needs minimum 3 years of work in the bay of Le Mont Saint Michel.

Many handelings are necessary to grow an oyster lapped by the fastest tides in Europe. At low tide part of the vast oyster beds can visited.

Cancale calls himself the “oyster capital” of Brittany. Oysters are bred here in the intertidal zone, namely the Pacific Oyster (5,000 t, as of: 2000) and the rarer European Oyster (1,000 t, as of: 2000). Both varieties enjoy a good reputation among connoisseurs.

(source: Ferme Marine, wikipedia)




It’s an illusion that photos are made with a camera…  …they are made with the eye, heart and head.” (Henri Cartier-Bresson)

Reinhold Staden is a true catcher of the ray. I’m fascinated by his work and it was a great pleasure to follow him in his world of landscape photography. Besides the above mentioned skills, I was impressed how Reinhold use his ability to dive into his imagination to combine his technique, endurance and claim for quality.

In this post you’ll find some impression of Reinholds field of work in the beautiful Ammerland/Lower Saxonia/Germany. A man at work.

Here you will find a collection of his wonderful works on REINHOLD STADEN PHOTOGRAPHY.