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“The way is the target!”  ..like always!

I love it… …dreaming, planing, fighting, realizing, photographing, motivating, being angry, being happy, feeling doubt, changing things, doing things together…  …all that what happened to fulfill the mission.

Early December I had to change the complete concept to start already everything new. ..and it turned out to be good. Even better than the first idea. Like Victoria always says: “everything that happened, happened for the better”. But even we would have to cancel everything..  …the way to that point had so many amazing moments and wonderful encounters.

Thank to all helping hands, all motivation, all criticisms and all joy we had….  ..and yes of course, thanks for the after party! 🙂 😀


..hey, and what do we guys start next?!!!




wow, OMG, that was 2019…  …that fast?

But it was a great year! I won’t miss it!

A lot of stunning photo shoots with wonderful and lovely persons. Preparing a new photo exhibition..  ..and Germany gets a new lovely and wonderful citizen: my beloved Victoria! My congrats to fighting for that for so many years and succeed in the end.

A very special thanks goes out for my russian friends and family. You were there for me whenever I need you and gave me so much love and hope. I love you for that.

The same for my german friends. Let’s rock Russia in 2020! Looking forward to have you there next year.

No complains about this year..  …hhmmm..   ..except our football team could do some better…  ..but as you know:



All of you a merry xmas and a stunning 2020! Rock it!


photos by:  Lena Fomina, Victoria, Denis, Johanna (I love you for doing that football photo of us at the ground, it rocks!) and me.


…and of course Darlene again:

Watching the photos is best with that music (click)


Last week I met the wonderful Anna, psychoanalyst from Moscow, for a photo shooting in Russia.

It was so delightful to work with such a sensitive, smart, beautiful and open hearted woman, that is able to show a part of her soul at our first encounter.

After a few hours of work, talk, fun and a spontaneous dinner, we both decide to exhibit images we captured that day for my photo exhibition THE LIVING SOULS in January in Russia.

Hey, who else could better stand for a living soul than you, Anna. Thank you for that special day!



Tver / Russia

Thank you, Diana! Wow, that was magical! What a ride..    …and shine on you crazy diamond


Natasha, psychoanalyst, practices in Tver and Moscow/Russia, was always fascinated by portraits where features of a person captured on photos.

…and so we tried…  ..no concept, no rules…  …we just let go…  …and danced…

Natasha, thank you for that dance. 🙂



Frankly spoken…  …clubbing and Markus usually do not go hand in hand…  …except there is a reason. A very good reason. 🙂

KRISTINA is a good friend of us since years and we enjoyed this night at the CITI club a lot! Dancing, photographing and a lot of champagne. That was fun.

She is a wonderful and charming person with a very good heart. I guess that is attracting attention. You have to meet her. A few weeks ago on our flight to Moscow she has been addressed by everyone…  …and everybody was wondering about my role in our ‘relationship’. So my role switched in just two hours between “..your husband”, “..your father”, “..your boyfriend” to “..your friend”…  …and that is a role which I can except with pleasure.  😉


Andrea and me got the great chance to participate at TANZOMANIA’s final practice for the European Grand Prix in Tallin at Johns dancing school in Tver/Russia. But don’t worry, we didn’t dance…  …we just documented it by our photos.

This European Grand Prix was a great success for TANZOMANIA. Several gold an silver medals. Wow, congrats to you all!!!

But what I admire the most is, with how much enthusiasm and lifeblood John, Olya, Alyona, Losha and Losha convey the spirit of dancing to the children. My deepest respect to you all for create such a precious activity.


Please find Andreas story here at JETAMELE.




at the COCO LOCO

Berneckerstraße 23 / Bochum / Germany

2nd November 2018 until summer 2019


If you like to see my photos at…   …no no no, let me start again….   If you like to indulge oneself by spanish food, to feel the spell of vine and like to spend your time with nice fellows, then I can strongly recommend you the COCO LOCO in Bochum.

Dive into the tender and tempting explosion of the senses. Enjoy the taste, the music, the wonderful atmosphere and the beautiful sight of your loved one framed by a modest photo print of me in the background on the wall.

That’s what I call a romantic date.



saludos, Markus






“Eine Bühne kurz vor Weihnachten. Unaufgeräumt. Leere Stuhlreihen. Ein hoher Raum. In die Stille hinein Lachen, Musik, Kichern, trippelnde Schritte, die leisen Geräusche, die weiche Tanzschuhe auf dem Holzboden hinterlassen, ein altes Theater, in dem jedes Wort einen Hall hinterlässt, Ehrfurcht zwischen den Vorhängen …

Der Tänzer und seine Tänzerinnen bewegen sich auf der Bühne, eine Geschichte wird langsam lebendig. Sie betrachten einander, man erahnt seine Stimme: „Ja, sehr gut, seid Schneeflocken, schaut, wie ich das mache, bewegt die Arme, wiegt euch, fallt zu Boden, gleitet, schwingt, so, ja, macht mit, genau, stellt euch vor, ihr fallt aus einer weichen weißen Wolke hinunter auf die Erde, der Wind lässt euch tanzen, taumeln, gleiten, ihr fallt leise, langsam, deckt die Erde zu, die Bäume, die Menschen … seid Schneeflocken im Winterwind, ja, genau so, gut, weiter so …

Ungefähr so stelle ich mir die Szene vor, die auf diesen Bildern zu erahnen ist.

Als Zuschauer kennt man den Blick auf die Bühne aus den Stuhlreihen auf ein fertiges Geschehen. Aber als jemand, der auf der Bühne steht, sind diese Momente der Probenarbeit auf einer noch unaufgeräumten Bühne in einem Raum, der bald sehr voll sein wird, eine Steigerung der Konzentration, eine wachsende Spannung. Die Vorahnung kribbelt leise. Die Dynamik ergibt langsam einen Sinn, die Geschichte nimmt eine Form an, wird realer, klarer, stärker als in den Proben zuvor. Die Bewegungen werden fließender, der Ausdruck kraftvoller. Die Energie bündelt sich und dann, ganz langsam, wirbeln Schneeflocken getragen vom Wind auf die Bühne…”

                                                                                                                                                                                       Andrea (JETAMELE) ,  Hamburg im Dezember 2015




A good friend of mine, John, left Georgia more than 20 years ago with nothing then a small backpack in his hand towards Russia. He lived homeless and just his dream on his mind to become a dancer. His first dancing school he founded in an old building in the city of Tver. – Now, almost twenty year later, we went back to that lost place to invite you for a little dance.

This is for you John !!! My biggest respect to your work and to your dream that you made become true !!!

hugs & kisses to Aljona, Olga, Losha & Losha