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Jaffa (also known as Yafo) is the ancient port city out of which Tel Aviv has now grown. Jaffa has, in recent years, like much of South Tel Aviv, been regenerated with the old narrow streets and courtyards becoming another highly desirable part of Tel Aviv’s urban tapestry.

The history of Jaffa is a long one. As of the world’s oldest ports, Jaffa is thought to have been the port from which Jonah left in the story of the Whale! Its long and fascinating history as  strategic port in the Eastern Mediterranean continued until only recently when new ports were built south of Tel Aviv in Ashdod and north in Haifa, to cater for modern-day shipping methods.

Jaffa is a real melting pot of Jewish and Arab populations living and breathing the same closely-packed air. It always feels like Jaffa is in a constant state of flux as people rush about on their daily business.   (source: www.touristisrael.com)


..if you have not done your shopping until now … … bad luck, it’s Sabbath


“The Carmel Market (the Shuk Hacarmel) is the largest market, or shuk, in Tel Aviv. A vibrant marketplace where traders sell everything from clothing to spices, and fruit to electronics, visiting the Carmel Market is a fascinating thing to do in Tel Aviv. The hustle and bustle, vibrant noise, colors and smells, as well as its reputation as the largest authentic Middle-Eastern style shuk in Tel Aviv, all combine to make the Carmel Market a favorite place for everyone from first time tourists visiting the city, to locals who come here to get the freshest fruit and vegetables, and some of the cheapest products in the city. The market can at first appear to be a little intimidating, with so many senses stimulated at once – the sounds of the traders, the smells and flavors of the fresh produce, and sights of so many interesting things at once. ”

(source: Tourist Israel)


All this nice moments of 2017. A good year.

Thanks for all!

(photos by Victoria, Andrea, Lena and me)


Charles Clore Park. Interface between the jewish and muslim districts of Tel Aviv/Jafo, Israel.



Amnon Nissun the Matkot King. Since he was six, the now 73 y.o. Amnon use to play matkot (eng.: racquets) every day at the beach or at the matkot pitches of Tel Aviv. It’s his passion…  …and he is good, really good. He is the champ.

Even more it was a great pleasure to visit him in the Neve Tzedek district of Tel Aviv to enjoy all this memorabilia of his life. More then 300 racquets, cups, newspaper clippings, lots of music and presents from friends all over the world.

Thank you Amnon for your great hospitality and your contagious good mood. It was a pleasure. All the best for you.

Find here a 2min report of the Matkot King: