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“In high seas or in low seas
I’m gonna be your friend
He said, “I’m gonna be your friend”
And, baby, high tide or in low tide
I’ll be by your side”

(High Tide Or Low Tide, Bob Marley)




Oyster farming in Cancale / Brittany

From it’s small spat’s size to its harvest, a Cancale oyster needs minimum 3 years of work in the bay of Le Mont Saint Michel.

Many handelings are necessary to grow an oyster lapped by the fastest tides in Europe. At low tide part of the vast oyster beds can visited.

Cancale calls himself the “oyster capital” of Brittany. Oysters are bred here in the intertidal zone, namely the Pacific Oyster (5,000 t, as of: 2000) and the rarer European Oyster (1,000 t, as of: 2000). Both varieties enjoy a good reputation among connoisseurs.

(source: Ferme Marine, wikipedia)