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Mtskheta (or Mzcheta) was the ancient capital of the Eastern Georgian Kingdom from the Third Century BCE to Fifth Century CE. It was also the location where Christianity was proclaimed as the kingdom’s official religion and continues to function as the headquarters of the Georgian Orthodox Church.

Arguably the most well known cathedral in Georgia, Svetitskhoveli is also one of the biggest in the country. Harsh conditions throughout Georgia’s history couldn’t stop the 10-century old building from retaining its beauty. The temple is on another UNESCO World Heritage listing because of its glorious architecture.

(source: https://georgiastartshere.com/10-must-see-places-in-mtskheta)



Mr. Ngo and Markus

Mr. Doung Van Ngo sits like every day at the end of his bench at the Central Post Office in Ho-Chi-Min-City / Vietnam.

Right next to Mr. Ngo a sign that says ‘Public Writer’. A dictionary, a pencil and his little writing pad.

The CPO is a notable building. Spacious, bustling, functional and wonderful to look at in its Art Deco style.

..and (which is not to forget) it donates a little cool, even without air-condition, on this hot day in the end of April.

So I go over to Mr. Ngo and we start to talk in a very warm way.



MARKUS: ” I’m Markus from Germany and I would like to bring an article about you on my photo blog. Mr. Ngo, could you be that kind and tell me in brief a little bit about yourself ?”

MR. NGO: “Of course…  ….and with pleasure. I’m 88 years old and since I’m 17 I’m working for that post office here in Ho-Chi-Min-City. Every morning I come here with my bicycle…  …which I park always on the outside of the building on a shady spot…  …and there was no single day where I missed to go to work…  …even during the war. I learned french and english language at school. Against some not truthfully rumors, that say I learned english from some american GIs… …I have to say that is not true, I learned english at school…  …but there was an american pilot that teached me the right pronunciation of the ‘th’.  By my profession as a translator in french and english language , I offer translation services to people who need my help.”

MARKUS: “And what is this service…  …I mean, what do you translate for you clients?”

MR. NGO: “Everything that my clients want me to translate…  …documents, forms, letters…  …but in times of the internet people are able to translate texts more and more by themselves …  …but there are still clients who ask for my service.”

MARKUS: ” You said letters…  ..but that sounds very private…”

MR. NGO: ” …that is very privat in deed. There were many letters with very sad and tragic content…  …but I translated also many love letters.”

MARKUS: ” Was there a letter which touched you in a way that you still remember?”

MR. NGO: ” I learned to forget contents right away. I take the confidentiality and the trust very seriously. I forget letters immediately.”

MARKUS: ” Mr. Ngo, it was very nice to talk to you. Thank you for that and I wish you further many nice days and success in your profession.”

MR. NGO: ” Thank you.”



Just right back from Cambodia.

…but before I start to publish some stories about that stunning country, I want to say thank you to all cambodian people I’ve met.

Thank you for all the smiles you put on our faces and thanks for all the smiles you gave to us. You are wonderful!




Jim Kopf, writer, photographer, traveler and thinker.
Jim Kopf, creative, sensitive, seeking and expressive.

After our first encounter a few weeks ago, I thought a lot which words would describe the nature of Jim best…  …and I think these match pretty well…

“Ich stand auf dem windigsten, höchsten aller Berge
Unter glorreichen Wolken in Silber und Grau
Ich schwamm durch Flüsse und Seen und seltsame Meere
Wie oft hob ich meinen Kopf um in den Tag zu schauen”

“I stood on the windiest, highest of all mountains
Under glorious clouds in silver and gray
I swam through rivers and lakes and strange seas
How many times did I lift my head to look into the day”

(SELIG, Schau Schau)

Jim is just about to publish his first book. Please support him on his web side jimkopf.de and his blog jungegedanken!

All the best for you, your life and your book.

Schau Schau…





Stretching his hand up to reach the stars, too often man forgets the flowers at his feet.

(Jeremy Bentham)



Above the roofs of Tbilisi / Georgia…   …a sort of homecoming.

Tengiz Rzgo, wrestler, georgian champion, member of the national georgian wrestler squad, georgian coach, coach for the russian wrestling team…  …businessman …

…on his way back to the place he grew up. In the hills of Tblissi.



Although we already knew each other by blogging, Andrea (JETAMELE), Heidi (NAHAUFNAHME) and Markus (KUHNOGRAPH) wanted to find out what is behind the silhouettes of us that we know from our images and comments.

So we met in Bochum.    …and because the city of Bochum offers a lot of ambitioned, talented and nice people..   …we also invited Jan (JUNGE GEDANKEN, author, photographer and model) and Eileen (model, influencer on Instagram) for their home game in this wonderful and lovely town deep in the west.

Like we have this saying here: Big events are casting their shadows !!!



So, what more do you need than sunshine, nice locations and a bunch of wonderful people.

If you got all this ingredients….  …you will get that here, fun all day:



Via Dolorosa or the Stations of the Cross.

It’s the route that many Christians believe was taken by the condemned Jesus as he carried his cross to Calvary. Plaques mark each of the nine ‘stations’ ; the final five stations are inside the…

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Four magnificent arches, their lintels richly decorated with Crusader crosses, herald the entrance to one of Christianity’s most sacred sites. The church is believed by many Christians to be built over the biblical Calvary, or Golgotha, where Jesus was nailed to the cross, died and rose from the dead. For the past 16 centuries pilgrims have travelled far to worship here.

(source: lonelyplanet)


Just in time for the 3rd anniversary of POINT BLANK on the 31st of March, I splashed out a website for me. 🙂


The reason was that I could never provide an overview of my portfolio on requests. Voila … … problem solved!

At this point I would like to thank everyone for the great time, the fun we had, all the inspiration and the wonderful exchange.

..so, but now I’m going to party that!  😀

cheers, xoxo, Markus



‘When that whistle blows
Girl, I’m down the street
I’m home, I’m out of my work clothes
When I’m out in the street
I walk the way I want to walk
When I’m out in the street
I talk the way I want to talk
When I’m out in the street…’

(Bruce Springsteen)


Tblissi / Georgia   თბილისი / საქართველო

The tea house (‘chaykhana’). A man’s world. Meeting, encounters, gambling, domino, backgammon, talking, telling, listening, tea, cha cha (spirit), cigarettes, biscuits, business talk …


A few impressions from the North Caucasus (Russia) with the cities of Stavropol and Kislovodsk.

Rough landscapes, sulfur springs, rustic people, hospitality and good food in large quantities.



Machen wir uns nichts vor. Der Sommer ist vorbei. Trotzdem ist es schön die Sonnenstrahlen zu geniessen und in den Winterschlaf von Tver/Russland einzutauchen.

Hibernation is a covert preparation for a more overt action.
Ralph Ellison

Der Winterschlaf ist eine verdeckte Vorbereitung für eine weit offenere Aktion.
Ralph Ellison

…so I enjoyed my stroll through the wintry sleepy city of Tver, to look forward for all the surprises the city will keep ready for me.



The last mine here in Bochum were closed down decades ago. This here is not to complain and struggle with history and changes. People here are used to changes and cope with it in a very positive way. This is about that people here in Bochum and the whole Ruhr Area keep the legacy of mining and steel factories precious, because this era shaped the mentality of people living here or moved to that place from all over Europe.

At elementary school we sang every friday the traditional of the “Steigerlied”, which described in a proud way the all days life of a miner. If we behaved well that week, our teacher Mrs Kutscher allowed us to sing even the third verse of that song, that include the words “..and he wear the leather on his ass..”  ….sure, giggling and smiling all over the class room.

I never worked at the mine pit. From the age of 16 to 20 I worked at the steel factory… …but there were always this proud solidarity with the miners. Even during my study at the mining school of applied science the professors greeted every morning with the miners salute ‘Glückauf’ (means something like to have a lucky way up to daylight).

In this sense


Please see as well Andrea’s impressions about the mine pit in Bochum at JETAMELE !!!

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